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Interview with Ricardo and Biena (Engagement session)


KCP: How did you two meet?

Ricardo: We actually known each other since high school but never had more than an hi and bye relationship. She was the pretty girl at school that didn't pay much attention to a little guy like me lol. I'm just kidding, I've always thought she was pretty but never knew her on a deeper level. We started talking after I asked her to do a modeling project with me, I was trying to break into that world and she was one of the people who's accomplished in it. Truth be told the only reason I got into modeling other than building self confidence and because I was interested; was to get to know her better. I believe it had to be divine intervention because I have no real interest now in pursuing modeling anymore.

KCP: How long have you dated?

Ricardo: I'm not sure how long it has been. We've been in communication over two years. It grew organically and I just couldn't give you an official date.