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Interview with Ricardo and Biena (Engagement session)


KCP: How did you two meet?

Ricardo: We actually known each other since high school but never had more than an hi and bye relationship. She was the pretty girl at school that didn't pay much attention to a little guy like me lol. I'm just kidding, I've always thought she was pretty but never knew her on a deeper level. We started talking after I asked her to do a modeling project with me, I was trying to break into that world and she was one of the people who's accomplished in it. Truth be told the only reason I got into modeling other than building self confidence and because I was interested; was to get to know her better. I believe it had to be divine intervention because I have no real interest now in pursuing modeling anymore.

KCP: How long have you dated?

Ricardo: I'm not sure how long it has been. We've been in communication over two years. It grew organically and I just couldn't give you an official date.

KCP: Why is she the one for you?

Ricardo: First sign was how are relationship just developed seamlessly. We truly built a friendship, she was easy to talk to and I could be my total goofy flawed self with her. That was always important to me, being able to be my true self and not to be judge. The more that I showed of myself the more she seemed to admire me.

Every time I prayed for wisdom and guidance with the relationship we're developing, she would do something that would always make me say thank you lord for this woman.

With any relationship you'll have obstacles to go through and sacrifices that need to be made. No matter what has come up she's been willing to work, grow and try to get better. Love is a choice and she chooses everyday to be with me and build something special; so for me that's all the sign I ever needed.

KCP: Where would you spend your honeymoon?

Ricardo: We haven't decided. I know where she wants to go but we have to talk more about our honeymoon plans.


KCP: When did you get engaged?

Biena: : We got engaged May 30, 2015.

KCP: Why is Ricardo the one for you?

Biena: He is the one for me because I prayed for him. I've dated men I thought I loved but I continued to pray for this specific guy. He is everything I asked God for, he is my bestfriend, my comforter, my inspiration, I've always wanted to be with someone I can grow with. He makes me feel beautiful and I can be myself with him.

KCP: Ricardo said your honeymoon isn't decided yet, but where would you like to go?

Biena: We are still working on the honeymoon, we have a few places in mind but nothing set. Honestly I don't care where we go as long as we are together.

Thank you and Congratulations to you both! KCP

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