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The Sistah Friends

The Sistah Friends Birthday Club was established over 25 years ago when a few co-workers from American Express decided to celebrate one of their girlfriend's birthday. The ladies planned a fine dining experience for the honoree at a beautiful restaurant on Jacksonville beach, they showered her with gifts, money, birthday cards and lots of love. Each year the ladies plan one or two trips and this year the group traveled from Jacksonville Fla. to Charleston, SC.

This sisterhood embodies women of color with a rich love for God, their families, education, political activism, community service, travel, couture fashion, fine-dining, the arts and more.

The ladies have enjoyed domestic and international travels as a group and they are looking forward to their next destination vacation. The ladies ages range from 50-70, and over the past two decades their lives have woven a tapestry, that best-selling novels are made of.

"It is this uniquely woven fabric that makes us who we are individually and collectively, beautiful" said Robin Gundy, "As sistah's we will continue to overcome stereotypes and prove women of color support each other; in and out of time in the words so eloquently spoken by the late Maya Angelo."

I would like to thank you ladies for having Kim Craven Photography there to capture a piece of your vacation, may your friendship last a lifetime.

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