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The Golden Girls' Golden Year

Picture it – Norman C. Toole Middle School, 1982. Three twelve-year-old girls – then Pam Russell, LaQuetta Simmons and Marie Cooper – meeting for the very first time. Though we were all different, we became fast friends.

Before we knew it, we were in high school where our friendship continued to blossom and strengthen. Spending our lunch breaks holding up a portion of the wall in the amphitheater at North Charleston High, we quickly became dubbed “The Golden Girls” after the then popular sitcom showcasing three elderly female friends who spent the bulk of their time together. It was actually very fitting since Marie’s quirkiness mirrored Rose’s; my free spirit was similar to Blanche’s; and Pam’s quick wit was all Dorothy. Fast forward four years and we were ready to graduate from high school and take on the world. Though we took different paths leading to lives in different states, we have managed to remain close. Each now married, we have morphed into Pam Gillard, Denise Richardson and Octavia (“Tav”) Nichols.