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"LoLa" a little bit of Louisiana in the Low Country

I am a foodie in search of new eats in the Charleston area. When I first heard of a new restaurant with the simply name of “LoLa” in my head I was thinking “Ok, a new pizza place, maybe it’s one of those fancy dessert places.” I did a google search and saw that it was a Louisiana Seafood Kitchen, did someone say “SEAFOOD”!!!
I had to give LoLa a try and it was one of the best decision I made this week. The food was like a Mardi Gras in my mouth! My first taste was the Seafood Gumbo; it was loaded with shrimp, crawfish and oysters. I also ordered the Creole Captain’s Platter with two choices, I went with the Cajun shrimps and Crispy Oysters with praline cornbread (yummy) and fries. The Oysters were my favorite; it was fried and seasoned just right and what a excellent choice it was. My sister placed an order for the Shrimp and Crawfish Etouffel, the presentation of this dish alone made my mouth watered all over again. We enjoyed washing the flavors down with Swamp water a mixture of tea, lemonade and orange juice, simply delightful.
To top off our lunch we went for the sweet potato pecan pie with a cocktail from the bar called the Cajun Kick (Captain Morgan cannon blast, Orange, Cranberry and Ginger Beer).
So, if you are looking for a “Authentic New Orleans cuisine with a Low Country attitude” you must give LoLa a try! 5 Stars to Co-Owners Jeff Filosa and his Sons from Kim Craven Photography, a self proclaimed Foodie.
LoLa located in the heart of Park Circle at 480 O’Hear Ave, N. Charleston, SC. for menus and hours.

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