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Shalanda's 40th Birthday Session

Some call it Riverfront Park, but I still call it the old Navy base and when

Shalanda contacted me with a vision for her birthday photo session the “Old Navy Base” came to mind. I didn’t want to use the modern look of the park, I was more interested in the surroundings of the park. Like the abandon houses that has seen it’s better days or the empty barracks that still echoes with voices of Sailors long gone...It was perfect!

We all arrived about the same time, make up artist Christina Drayton started her art on Shalanda face while I chatted with her support system and assistant Kandee Washington. Shalanda has modeled before so I knew it wasn't going to be a task getting her in posing mode (which made my job a bit easier).

Our first stop was this abandon house, it has that Southern vibe that I was looking for and even tho it's abandon, the beauty of it is still there.

KCP: What is the reason behind your birthday photo shoot?